Mission and Vision

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities through quality education, fostering lifelong learning opportunities, and promoting educational equity and inclusion. We strive to enhance access to education for marginalized groups, advocate for educational policies that prioritize equal opportunities for all, and collaborate with stakeholders to create innovative solutions to educational challenges. Through our programs, initiatives, and partnerships, we aim to inspire a culture of learning, critical thinking, and social responsibility, ultimately contributing to the development of educated, empowered, and engaged citizens.

The vision  is to build a world where every individual has equal access to education that they own and understand, and where knowledge is the power that brings positive change to individuals’ lives and society as a whole. We envision a society where education is a priority and a source for advancing individuals and developing communities, cultivating a culture of values and respect for knowledge and educational rights.”


The Kosovo Educational Research Association aims to:

Conduct national and international research in education, organizing workshops, panels, seminars, symposiums, congresses, and similar scientific activities.

2. Establish quality standards for educational research in various areas within undergraduate programs offered by Faculties of Education at Universities, including:
– Education Management
– Education Policies
– Education Programs and Teaching
– Educational Technologies
– Science Education
– Primary Education
– Pre-school Education
– Special Education
– Guidance and Psychological Counseling
– Social Sciences Education
– Technical and Professional Training
– Foreign Language Education

Establish a center of excellence equipped with technical resources, databases, websites, and indexing programs necessary for indexing educational research journals published in the country and determining their impact factors. Engage in academic activities in the field of education, establish ethical standards for educational research, and Foster membership and cooperation with international associations.

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