Mission and Vision

To carry out national and international academic activities in the field of education.
Conducting international projects with academicians and university students To produce national and international scientific studies
Organizing symposium and workshop organizations.

Internationalizing scientific studies in Kosovo.
To move the works of state and private universities to international studies in Kosovo.
To be the center of scientific activities in the Balkans.

The purpose of the Kosovo Educational Research Association is;
To conduct national and international researches in the field of education, workshops, panels, seminars, symposiums, congresses, etc. is to carry out scientific activities.
In the following areas in the undergraduate programs of the Faculties of Education of Universities;

– Education Management,
– Education Policies,
– Education Programs and Teaching,
– Educational Technologies,
– Science Education,
– Primary education,
– Pre-school education,
– Special education,
– Guidance and psychological counseling,
– Social Sciences Education,
– Technical and Professional Training,
– Foreign Language Education is to set the quality standards of educational research in their fields.

It is to create a center of excellence with technical equipment, databases, websites and indexing programs necessary to index educational research journals published in our country and to determine the impact factors of these journals.

To engage in academic activities in the field of education.

To determine the ethical standards of educational research.

It is to make membership and cooperation to international associations.

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