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ICIRE 2020

The “International Congress for Innovative Studies in Education


Kosovo Educational Research Association (KEAD), Turkey Educational Research Association Association (EAB) and organized with the SOBİAD collaboration online at the congress today, the most important problem “Distance Education”, “Hybrid Training” such issues are on the agenda. The congress was held with different sessions in Turkish and Albanian languages.
“ International Innovative Research Congress in Education (ICIRE 2020), “ opening the mainly Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, participants from Azerbaijan country and throughout the day to all our instructors provide valuable information and ideas thank you very thank.
To our invited speakers;
Prof. Mustafa Yunus Eryaman WERA President
Prof. Dr. Oğuz ÖZYARAL, İstanbul Rumeli University. Vice Rector.
Prof. Dr. Serdar YAVUZ, SOBIAD Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Erdoğan TEZCİ, Balikesir University,
and Prof. Dr. Hasan Arslan, Prof. Ass. Dr. Münevver Muyo Yıldırım, Prof. Asoc. Dr. Cem Tuna; Prof. Ass. Dr. Fatmir Mehmeti, Prof. Ass. Dr. Pranvera Jetishi Qollaku, Prof. Ass. dr. Halim Bajraktari, Prof. Ass. Dr. İlir Krusha and  thanks to YSU President Tuğrul Aktaş who moderated the entire congress … and also to our student Selda Gorda for technical support …
All of our participants were special, so I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants whose names I cannot count.

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